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The Blue Crow Band
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The Blue Crows are an acoustic trio who play American popular music from early in the last century. This was an era when jazz, blues and ragtime were still close to their common roots. The band book dips into country blues, novelty songs, rags, compositions from Duke Ellington and Jelly Roll Morton, plus some newer tunes which come out sounding like older tunes. Almost all the Crows’ material was originally dance music, and tends to be upbeat and spirited (with perhaps a few gloomy interludes).

The Crows combine long backgrounds as performers of Americana, blues, jazz and classical music, making them adept at both improvisation and arranged pieces. The members continue their involvement with other creative projects, but are always happy to return to this fun music.

John Morton, clarinet and vocals
George Rezendes, guitar and vocals
Fred Nussbaum, cello

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